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Apple’s new iOS 10.3 Beta 1 brings several new changes!

Today, Apple started rolling out the first developer beta version of iOS 10.3, an update which brings a lot of important changes, considering that it was supposed to be just a point release.

First of all, the manufacturer switched to APFS (Apple File System), a feature which has been in development over the past year. Specifically, we’re talking about a new file system which will be available on all of Apple’s platforms, including macOS, watchOS and tvOS, besides iOS.

The system is designed for flash storage and it’s able to deliver improved performance and future-proofing, compared to the current HFS system. As for the way it works, it will retain your files when you update, but won’t allow you to get back after. Therefore, if you’re planning to update to this beta, it’s highly recommended to perform a full backup before.

Moving on, iOS 10.3 Beta 1 brings the Find My AirPods feature, which allows you to send a beeping sound through one or both headphones, so you can easily locate them. Even more, you can also see on the map where they were before losing connection to the phone.

Since we’re talking about a Beta 1 version, Apple also thought about developers, who can now ask for ratings for their apps in a new way, thanks to the new SKStoreReviewController API. To be more specific, it shows a dialog that lets users rate and review the app within the app itself, before sending it to the Apple Store.

Finally, developers can now have multiple icons for their apps, while the new features list includes support in Siri to display Cricket scores, a new Safari version, 10.1, widgets for the Podcast app, as well as support for bill payments and the ability to check the status of payments, directly in Siri.

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