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Apple’s iPhone 7 Release Date Leaked on Twitter By Evan Blass

If you’ve been following the recent news and rumors surrounding the release of iPhone 7, or if you are a huge Apple fan and love everything apple, the name Evan Blass is certainly a name you are familiar with. Known more for his Twitter handle, @evleaks, Evan has been the source of many interesting news and leaks surrounding new devices, including the upcoming iPhone 7.

A recent tweet from Evan Blass might mean we now know the actual release date of this new device. The tweet, mentioning iPhons 2016, pinpointed a particular date: September 12th. Well, if you analyze the tweet closely, Evan didn’t actually say that Apple will launch the new iPhone 7 on September 12th. Instead, he said the release will be held in the week of September 12th.

What does this tweet mean? It could mean anything. Let’s look at some of the facts. The 2016 IFA in Berlin will end just before September 12th. Last year’s iPhone 6S was released on September 9th, 2015. Saying that the new iPhone will be announced in the week of September 12th is actually not surprising at all.

More importantly, Evan didn’t call the iPhone 7 “iPhone 7”. Instead, he used the terms “2016 iPhone.” This is inline with several reports – from reliable sources nonetheless – stating that Apple will drop the ‘7’ from iPhone naming convention.

What We Know So Far

We’re still a long way from September and there is no way of confirming these leaks and rumors; we just have to wait for the device to be officially released. However, there are a few things we can conclude based on the information we have so far.

We know that there will be at least two versions of the iPhone 7: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Both will have the same screen sizes as last year’s iPhones, but this time the base model will have 32GB of storage instead of 16GB. We also know that pricing will be very similar to last year’s devices.

There is a possible third version of the iPhone 7 called iPhone 7 Pro. This third version is said to sport a dual-camera system and a Smart Connector. If this rumor turns out to be not true, then the iPhone 7 Plus will be the device with two cameras instead.

Other details such as the size of the battery and whether Apple will actually ditch the audio port remains unclear, but these rumors are very likely to be true.

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