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Apple’s iPhone 7 Might Include Dual Camera And Waterproofing (Rumor)

Rumors never stops when it comes to Apple’s iPhone 7. There has been a new leak for this new flagship of Apple. This leak suggests that Apple might ditch a physical home button and replace it with a capacitive touch button.

These photos were given by mobipicker. But they have also warned users that these might be fake pictures. Even then there has been many rumors from different sources for this to be true. IF Apple introduces a touch sensitive capacitive button the apple touch id will run much smoother and faster. Apple might include tap controls to perform various operations with this button. Apple seems to put its “bulk amorphous alloy pressure center” patent in practice to implement a touch sensitive home button.

Other reports suggests that Apple iPhone 7 Plus might not include the new dual camera setup that was claimed by previous rumors. But this kind of specification change is highly unlikely on the last moment as the dual camera setup is going to be one of the key feature in this new flagship device. Barron’s blog said

“Our analysts spoke to Alps and LG Innotek, which both denied the speculation. Such a last-minute spec change is unlikely as we believe dual cameras will be a key feature for Apple,” and added that “Moreover, suppliers have expanded capacity already and look confident to begin mass production next month”.

The industry insider OnLeaks says that the new Apple iPhone 7 may roll out in this coming September. He also said that the official production has started slowly at Pegatron factory.

The dual camera setup is going to be one of the key feature of the new iPhone 7. Rumors suggests that LG Innotek might supply the dual camera lens for the device as Sony has been behind schedule. And this might be true that Sony is behind schedule as Sony’s production facility in Kumamoto has been damaged in the April earthquake. And this can be the major reason that LG is getting the major share for the dual lens camera order from Apple.

We strongly expect an increase in camera module ASP from 2H16F because the dual camera setup is likely to command 2.5x ASP premium vs. single camera and the optical image stabilization will also be integrated in the 4.7 inches model. Currently only the 5.5 inches model has this feature.

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Another news suggests that the new flagship device is going to be waterproof. Rumors says that Taiwan based Catcher Technology is the latest chassis supplier for the upcoming flagship device. The report claims that they are going to use new compound materials to hide antenna. And Catcher is expected to supply 30 to 35% of the new iPhone shipments.

We can see this coming from iPhone 6s. As the modifications company did in this device strongly improved water resistance and stress test also says that it can survive an hour in small amount of water but if you are going to drop it in the pool it will surely damage the device. The device will be made waterproof with the application of a special chemical coating on the device’s components.

The rumors also suggests that the phone may not include a 3.5 mm headphone jack and will also have wireless charging. Reports says that Apple is working with Cirrus Logic for the adoption of the audio chip set in the iPhone so that it can work with the Lightning port. In addition Wolfson Microelectronics is said to provide noise cancellation feature in the audio system. This technology will be integrated in the iPhone itself and the headphone which they will provide in the box. The third party headphones can also make use of this technology but they will need to purchase a license for it.

We also believe that Lightning connected EarPods with noise cancellation will be a separate purchase and might not be included in the box.

The iPhone 7 will also land with the new version of iOS which is iOS 10. We cannot say anything with surety but it is very much likely to include improvement in music section and Siri will also be improved.

The iPhone 7 will come with a great performance boost as we heard on Weibo that it is going to be integrated with a Hexa core processor A10. The current iPhone just have a dual core processor and gives such a nice performance then we can imagine what kind of performance boost this might give to the new iPhone flagship.

But we are not sure about RAM improvements in the new flagship device. Apple might stick to the same system memory configuration. You may expect a bit of change in RAM for Dual camera image processing but nothing more than that. They might jump to 3GB RAM in the plus version. This most of what we can get from different sources and stay tuned for more updates.

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