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Apple’s iPhone 7 And 7 Plus Pre-Orders Confirmed: Start on the 9th September

Last weekend, tech blogger and known smartphone info leaker Evan Blass, stated that the upcoming iPhone 7 and 7 plus will be released on the 12th of September. A few day after that, he said that the release date for the devices is the 16th of September. Now, he says that the launch will definitely be on the 6th of September and that he based this statement on the pre-orders made for the two phone models which will begin on the 9th of September.

iPhone 7 Preorder

It’s also customary for Apple to announce the latest iPhones a few days before the pre-order begin. Due to the fact that the 5th of September is Labor Day, the 6th of September is the most appropriate day for launch.

Last year Apple announced the new iPhones on the 9th of September and the pre-orders started on the 12th of September.

Although the date isn’t certain or official, Evan Blass is know for leaking relevant info about Android and iOS devices long before they are launched. Another thing that he recently leaked about the two devices is that their code-names are Sonora and Dos Palos.

The upcoming iPhone 7 and 7 plus are not expected to be significantly different from the previous models, but they will, however, no longer feature the headphone jack. In terms of display, the iPhone 7 will sport a 4.7 inch one and the iPhone 7 Plus will sport a 5.5 inch one. The former is also believed to feature an improved camera with optimal image stabilization, whereas the latter is presumed to have 3GB of RAM and a dual-lens camera.

Other features that both of the devices will have are: re-positioned antenna bands, a larger battery, minimum 32 GB of storage space, faster Wi-Fi and a better A10 processor.

The device that is expected to feature significant changes that will set it apart from the other iPhone models is presumably the future iPhone 8.

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