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Apple’s iOS 10 Beta 5 Update: New Tweaks and Widget Features

While some are Jailbreaking their iOS 9, others have already begun to test the iOS 10 Beta 5 version. Yesterday, Apple released iOS 10 Beta 5 versions for both devs and public testers (non-developer testers). Like most beta updates, this one too offers an improved experience for the users.

The recent update is available as a download to those users who have already installed the first four betas or, at least the beta configuration profile.

So what’s new about it? First of all, it comes with a different algorithm for you photo albums. If you decide to install the beta and see what we’re talking about, be prepared for a very different facial recognition process that will reset all of your photo data along with names, favorites or merged photos.

Second of all, there will be a new lock sound when you lock the device. It’s quite suggestive as it’s the sound of a door closing.

Another new feature is a new output icon that you probably have seen in the Music app, Control center or in other apps. It’s not represented by headphones anymore. Instead, it will be represented by a triangle icon with sound waves.

Then there’s the new widgets panel that reveals itself when you swipe to the right and the removal of the Home section in the Setting panel – because it was useless. However, if you are really used to it visually, you can still see it on the iPad.

Lastly, there is the resolved Smart Battery Case issue that caused devices like the iPhone 6 and the 6s to panic.

So there you have, if you want to try out the upcoming iOS 10 Beta 5 and see what you’re in for, download the beta and try it out. Keep in mind though that you will have to have your beta configuration profile activated and that this beta, like most betas, will have certain bugs and issues which may make it an unpleasant experience at times. So be prepared for that because the purpose of a beta is to seek and find those bugs and fix them before the final build is released.

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