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Apple’s iOS 10 Beta 4 Available For Developers: Watch All Features in Video

It’s been two months since Apple officially unveiled their new OS, iOS 10, during the 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference and we’re getting closer and closer to getting a taste of the final version. Two weeks after the 3rd Beta was made available, the Cupertino-based manufacturer surprised developers today, releasing a new update iOS 10 beta 4.

The update is available over-the-air, but just for those who installed the first three beta versions or the beta configuration profile. You can also directly download the iOS 10 beta 4 through Apple’s Developer Center.

Even though the consumer edition wasn’t released yet, it’s no secret that iOS 10 will be a major update, bringing tons of new features and design tweaks. Most likely, one of the biggest changes is the new lock screen, which now enables using 3D touch in order to interact with notifications and easier access to the camera.

The Control Center was also completely redesigned, allowing users to make the desired changes easier and quicker, while a new widgets screen was added as well.

Moving on, iOS 10 also comes with an overhauled Messages app, now with features like background animations, Digital Touch, support for handwritten notes, Tapback replies, and, probably the most noticeable improvement, predictive emoji. Basically, your phone will be able to guess what emoji fits your conversation best, based on the text you have already written.

Finally, Photos also went through some changes and it now has facial and object recognition capabilities, as well as a new Memories feature, helping you rediscovering old photos.

Through this entire beta testing period, Apple wants to observe any potential bugs related to the new updates, in order to deliver a flawless consumer edition of iOS 10. With every beta version they’re releasing, new features are also added, including various sounds, 3D Touch functionalities and many new options.

The iOS 10 public release is scheduled for somewhere during the fall. Most likely, it will be made official in September, when Apple will also introduce the new iPhone 7, alongside it’s bigger brother, iPhone 7 Plus/Pro.

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