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Apple Watch 2 Latest Release Date Rumors Floating Around

The first Apple smartwatch was launched over a year ago and people are starting to wonder when the next model will come out. Apple hasn’t stated anything about the Apple Watch 2 but there are many rumors floating around about the device.

Firstly, the Apple Watch 2 is rumored to be scheduled for release sometime in September or October 2016, perhaps during or after the new iPhone models are launched.

According to DigiTimes, the supply chain for the upcoming smartwatch has only seen ‘conservative’ orders for September and October. There are no details about the chosen suppliers for the upcoming device, nor are there reports about the number of units that Apple should have ready slightly before the smartwatch’s release.

The upcoming Apple Watch 2 is rumored to feature an improved battery life, more RAM capacity, a faster processor, better WI-FI capabilities, a built-in GPS and even a FaceTime video camera. Essentially, the second smartwatch form Apple is expected to come with many improvements and some design tweaks such as incorporating new materials like platinum, tungsten, titanium or palladium.

Due to the fact that Apple will supposedly present the new iPhone models sometime in September, it’s also presumed that the second smartwatch will be unveiled alongside them or soon after. Hopefully, that will happen in September. According to Evan Blas, the release date for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is scheduled for the 16th of September so be on the lookout for any posts from Apple around that time.

Smartwatches are watch-like wearable designed by Apple that run iOS operation systems primarily for health uses, but they can be used for other services from Apple like messaging, buying things or telling the time. Several tech giants produce them such as Samsung or Google so they’re not exclusively made by Apple and you can have your pick if you’re thinking about buying one.

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