Apple Likely to Launch Watch 3 Along With iPhone 8
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Apple Likely to Launch Watch 3 Along With iPhone 8

As per as a report published in Chinese-language Economic Daily, it seems that this time also the giant tech company, Apple, will keep its contract with Quanta Computer to manufacture Apple Watch Series 3. Well, from starting Quanta Computer is the primary Apple Watch manufacturer and yet again the contract is expected to go to the same company.

Well, this theory has come after seeing strong second-half 2017 of Quanta Computer, which is expected because of the rise of demands for notebooks, server, and wearables. Now, this data also clears that the Apple may be launching the device in near future, maybe with the iPhone 8, which is expected to launch in September month.

Coming to the Apple Watch Series 3, it is expected that the Smartwatch would get a similar design as Watch Series 2 but surely it would pack more features than the previous one. As per as few leaks, this smartwatch would get a facetime camera, which will be surely very useful when it comes to receiving facetime calls. As far as display is concerned, it is expected that the device would get 1.65inch OLED display.

The battery is one of the most important parts of a smart watch and earlier, in Watch Series 2, we have experienced a two days battery backup. But this time it is expected that Apple would show some more effort towards battery backup. Additionally, the device may get a wireless charging technology, which directly will improve its productivity.

As far as OS is concerned, it has been said that the Apple Watch Series 3 would run either on WatchOS 4 or upcoming version at WatchOS 5, depending on when it gets launched. Now, coming to the price then it is expected that the $350 would be the starting price of the Watch Series 3.


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