Apple Reveals New iMac Pro with Upgraded MacBook and iMac
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Apple Reveals New iMac Pro with Upgraded MacBook and iMac

No other company can beat Apple, when it comes to making professional devices, with high level of productivity and quality. Specifically, the Mac devices tops everyone desire. And now Apple has divulged, stowing various new devices to its store, of which comprising its most powerful Mac, named iMac Pro too. Let’s take a small look on the newly loaded iMacs, MacBooks and nevertheless iMac Pro.

iMac Desktop

The magical vision of the iMac is brighter than ever. The new iMac are much faster than the previous generations’, packing new processors, new graphic technologies, high storage capacity and remarkable band width connectivity.

Here, Apple has used the new Kaby Lake processors (higher frequency and HEVC decoding), which is the latest next-gen CPU from the Intel’s. The 21.5-inch model is offered 32GB of RAM, while the 27-inch one is given a 64GB RAM; along with a hybrid storage of 2TB (HDD+SSD), for 50% faster performance.

Coming to graphics, the iMac is featured with the powerful Intel Iris iGPU (80% increased performance) and amazes you, with power efficient AMD Radeon Pro 500 series (energizes the imaginations, for visualizers, designers, photographers, etc.)

Other features

  • 27″iMac – Radeon Pro570/575 or 580.
    • VRAM (videoRAM)-8GB.
  • 5″ – Radeon Pro 555 or 560.
    • VRAM-4GB.


  1. 5″ – $1,100
  2. 4k screen – $1,300
  3. 5k iMac – $1,800




The new MacBooks are built with virtually salient performance upgrades, with higher efficiency. Even here, the laptops are processed with the Intel Kaby Lake processor; 128GB ECC RAM; 4TB SSD (3GB/s); and brighter iMac display and faster performance. Further, their lower pricing evokes our fascination towards these devices.


  1. The base MacBook (featured with 50% faster SSD) and MacBook PRO 13-starts at $1,300.
  2. 15″ MacBook starts with base Price of $2,400, which has fastest graphic options.


iMac Pro


It’s too stunning to look away, after a glance! The iMac Pro is truly an astounding, aesthetic device which offers you an awesome performance and an incredible display. It will be coming out only by this December, but you can take a look on its specified features below.

The iMac Pro sports a 27-inch display screen, with a 5k display resolution, wearing the a fashionable Space Gray color. It is loaded with various intense features in all aspects, such as workstation, graphics, processors, memory storage and I/O. It is equipped with a dual centrifugal fan setup that delivers an extensive internal cooling. Spec-wise, it comes with the 8 and 10 Intel Processors, along with the 18 cores incredible Intel Xeon processor.

Coming to the best part, the Vega graphics. It features a double wide graphics card, stuffed into a single chip that comprises a 16GB VRAM. Further, the device is also stamped with the single precision11 TFLOPS  and half precision 22. Coming back to the high-performance workstation, it is powered by, connecting two RAID systems and two external.

Since, the iMac Pros if loaded with four Thunderbolt 3 ports and 10GB Ethernet,it is potentially capable to render 5K displays, at ease. The support for Face time HD camera, makes the device, even more desirable. When it comes to price, the iMac Pro is said to cost about $5,000, as a starting price.


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