Apple might include their own graphic chip in their standalone 5K display.

It looks like apple is ready to give their standalone display a new upgrade. Apple has started building a new 5K resolution display which might include Apple’s own graphic chip. It will be a nice improvement, if in the case your onboard graphics falls short to deliver a smooth graphic performance, the display content will be automatically switched to be serviced with the monitor’s graphic processing unit.

Report also implies that only one graphic processing unit will be used at a time. It could be the internal graphic processor of Mac or it can be the external graphic processor of the display.

We do not have complete details but the screen is expected to use Thunderbolt 3. This Thunderbolt 3 relies on a USB type C connector to connect with both the GPU and display. Therefore you won’t need multiple cables of the standalone display. Supposedly it also will be very much similar with current generation of iMac’s 5K display screen. This current generation delivers movie grade premium color accuracy.

Apple is yet to reveal any information about their release schedule. However we have noticed that stock of the Thunderbolt Display is low. Apple is expected to launch this 5K display in mid of the June month. They may build an iMac device for this. And when many apple users are thriving to have a superior display quality will probably get satisfied with this and they may look forward to switch to this iMac.

However it might be possible that the new Thunderbolt display might be compliable with current Mac devices. It is possible that Apple might make news of launching this new Thunderbolt device at upcoming WWDC event in this year. If that comes true Apple lovers will not have to wait for long. But they surely need to wait till WWDC on 13th of June.


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