Apple macOS High Sierra Public Beta 2 Released for Public Testers
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Apple macOS High Sierra Public Beta 2 Released for Public Testers

If you’re one of the brave soul, who had been testing out the first public beta of the macOS High Sierra, then here is a good news for you. Yes, Apple has sequentially released the second public beta build of the macOS High Sierra, just a day ago. And sure enough, the second public beta is the refined third developer beta, which was shipped out earlier this week.

Interestingly, it is a major update with new features added up to the Photos app, where a new side view and editing tools show up; Apple File System (APFS), for efficient storage operations; and the Metal Graphics API, with the next-gen Metal 2, for better compatibility with external GPUs and for VR content creation.

The High Sierra is meant to refine and improve the existing macOS, where a High-Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) is introduced. Moreover, in the new update, Siri has got a more natural voice, along with abilities to respond to music-related commands. In further, the Safari can now block autoplay videos and has also got a few tweaks relating to the privacy issues.

The Mail storage is optimized in such a way that it consumes 35% less storage; the iMessages can now be saved to the iCloud, while new file sharing options are also included with the iCloud Drive. Overall, we can expect more betas to be coming before the final version of the macOS High Sierra would be launched.

If you’re a member of the Apple’s beta testing program, you can now access the pre-release version and try out the latest features. However, mind that the beta builds is known for holding bugs. Hence, be sure to have a back-up of all your important files before installing the new upgrade.


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