Apple iPhone 8 may have 3D Laser Camera Technology
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Apple iPhone 8 may have 3D Laser Camera Technology

iPhone had been the most prospectus product from the house of the Apple Inc., for which the company keeps pushing out innovative features, consistently. In the same way, the next iteration of the product line, the iPhone 8 is also expected to carry some radical affairs. Thereby, the company is reportedly working on a rear-facing 3D laser system for the device.

This new feature will certainly improve the accuracy of the autofocus and the depth detection for AR apps, in the iPhone 8. Analysts have already guessed that the upcoming iPhone will be incorporated with a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) system for its rear camera. There has also been some evidence, revealing that Apple is procuring VCSEL components from Lumentum and Finisar.

Thus, all those speculations have been pretty much confirmed now. The said VCSEL system incorporates a VCSEL laser, lens, sensor, and a processor, which is capable of generating, precise Time of Flight (TOF) measurements; and improved speed and accuracy, in the depth measurements for a perfect AR experience.

Further, the proposed 3D camera technology can also be presumed to be true, since the company is deliberately concerned in embedding the AR feature and compatibility for the ARKit in iOS 11. Thus, we can be sure that the iPhone is going through a major revive for its camera. Supposedly, it’d be a vertical dual lens camera, with the laser unit set in between them.

Moreover, the same feature is also said to be offered for the selfie camera too, for improved facial recognition. Meanwhile, it’s also reported that Apple’s engineers and designers are advertently working with wireless charging and Touch ID features, along with the 3D sensors, for the iPhone 8. Hence, we can expect a possible September introduction, though we haven’t heard anything about it, officially.


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