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Apple IPhone 7 Leak Roundup: What We Know So Far


As we get closer to September, we’re seeing more and more iPhone-related leaks being published by multiple sources. This is becoming a tradition every year and is certainly no different this time. There are a few interesting updates surrounding the upcoming iPhone 7 though. We have a complete roundup right here.

Camera Redesign

One of the biggest updates I’m waiting for is iPhone 7’s supposed camera redesign. Based on leak photos from trusted sources and Apple’s most recent acquisitions, the iPhone 7 will have an improved camera. It is bigger than the iPhone 6s camera module by around 25%. This could mean bigger aperture, better image stabilization and possibly other advanced features.

The iPhone 7 Plus is even more interesting. Rumors suggest that iPhone 7 Plus will come with a dual-camera setup. Apple’s move to acquire Primesense suggests that the two cameras will not only offer different capturing angles, but also the ability to capture photos with more depth-of-field and better quality.

Home Button with Force Touch

This next rumor is one many will find rather controversial. Apple is said to be removing the physical Home button and replacing it with a non-moving one. Users will still get a fingerprint scanner and possibly Force Touch for better user interaction.

The design of this new Home button does look stunning. The front of the iPhone 7 looks clean and simple; there’s a thick Apple aura to the new look. We may even expect the same Force Touch clicking sensation on this new Home button.

Speaking about buttons, the iconic Mute switch may also be removed from the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. With iOS now offering better control over built-in functions, switching to software-based controls is a logical step for Apple to take.

New Colors

Have you seen the photo of an all-black iPhone 7 leaked not too long ago? The new ‘Space Black’ color is absolutely stunning. It transforms the look of the iPhone dramatically. It is basically a darker version of the Space Grey color scheme we all know and love. Rose Gold, Gold and Silver will still be available as options.

Apple is also moving the antenna bands to the top and bottom edges of this new device. This results in a cleaner look from behind. The move is also more than just aesthetics. IPhone 7 will come with a redesigned antenna for better reception. Expect an increase in 4G connectivity as well.

No Headphone Jack

The latest leaked photo, said to be sourced from an employee of Foxconn, may confirm that the headphone jack will no longer be present in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This is one of the strongest rumors surrounding the upcoming devices so far. In exchange of the headphone jack, users can plug their headphones to the Lightning connector, either directly or by using an adapter I’m sure Apple will provide as an optional accessory. Lightning-enabled headphones should be able to offer more features and better audio quality in general, but the move is a controversial one nonetheless.

Which of these leaks are true? We will have to wait for a few months until the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is officially announced. Until then, stay tuned for more updates and leaks right here on Obey Geek.


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