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Apple iPhone 7 Got Compared With An iPhone 6s

NWE recently posted a video comparing the old and the new iPhone.   It is about the iPhone 7 and its predecessor iPhone 6s.   The said video is posted on the Weibo and it is among the hottest topics in the site.   If you own an iPhone 6s and would want to get your hands on the newest iPhone then you need to watch this video below as it would help you to decide whether you would need the iPhone 7.  The video is said to give you a better idea between the two.

The video states that the iPhone 7 case is just like the iPhone 6s case, but the other features that the iPhone 6s have an upgrade.   For instance, it would get a larger camera and the antenna bands would get a new location as revealed in some leaks about the new iPhone.   There would be no more headphone jack and the second speaker grille won’t be seen beside the lightning port that was shown in iPhone 6s before.  It is almost look the same, but it won’t be exactly the same and its manufacturer hopes that the changes would boost some sales.

The comparison between the two is done in order to give people something to expect with the new mobile phone.  If you want to get an idea on the how the new iPhone would compare to that of the old one then the video might give you some idea about the size of the camera lens and the surrounding bezels that can be seen on the on the body of the new phone.   Rumors have it that the new phone will retain the dimensions of iPhone 6s and sure enough, the dimension is still there.

And since the headphone jack won’t be available anymore, we can expect to see something new in replace of the old one.  It is rumored that the extra space would be use to accommodate a bigger battery, which would mean longer time for your iPhone running since it would get an upgrade in the battery.  A larger battery would help since it would mean that you can use the iPhone longer before it runs out of power.

Aside from that, the new iPhone would have an A10 processor, which would surely improve the browsing experience whenever you are using it to browse the web.  Now, you can enjoy faster speed as you browse through some of your favorite websites.  There is a chance that the device would have a bigger memory, which means that you can store more games, apps, phone numbers and the likes.  With the 32 gb internal memory, you would surely get a boost in your browsing experience and would help you to enjoy your time better while browsing the web.

The iPhone 7 would also get a boost as it would have a dual lens camera that has a wider lens for a camera.   The device would be water resistant because the earphone jack got removed.  You might want to wait for the new device because it won’t be available till September.


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