Apple Uploaded New iPhone 7 Camera Tutorial Videos
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Apple Uploaded New iPhone 7 Camera Tutorial Videos

This year, is the 10th anniversary of the globally well-liked iPhone. Precisely, every year Apple had released new versions of the iPhones, diligently working hard to enhance the camera quality, when compared to the previous launches.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have had a tremendous growth, since its release, fetching a big success to the company. Though millions of these devices were sold out so far, it seems that many users are still not putting the various features of their cameras into use. But don’t get fretted, Apple has now given out some tips and videos for the ones.

For a quick recall, earlier this month, Apple launched a website, featuring videos, dubbed as ‘How to shoot on iPhone 7’.

At first, we thought the video would be a step-by-step tutorial, explaining all the buttons in the camera. But surprisingly, the video also focuses more on the hidden features and tricks that users can easily learn, to capture better images with the handsets.

Apple is back at it again, now four new tutorials have been added to its ‘How to Shoot on iPhone 7’ website, showing how to shoot with zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus; how to convert color photos to black and white; shooting a horizon; and even on capturing an intimate moment. Two of it are available in the YouTube too.

It is worth mentioning that, Apple has 20 videos on its official tutorial website and 13 of them are available on YouTube. Now, a new stream of videos like, how to shoot a one-handed selfie and how to edit a selfie are added to its YouTube channel.

Like the first set of videos, Apple’s new shoots are crisp and short, which merely runs about 40 seconds in length; and so without spending more time, you may learn its features at a snap. Hence, those who are unaware on how to use iPhone 7 camera, can easily learn features like Portraits, action shots, Panoramas, night shots, etc.

On the other hand, even if you are an excellent photographer already, you too can find some exciting features and tips that would help you to go further, like getting the best while shooting with a street light; capturing stills while filming a video; shooting an image in a unique angle; and even more.


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