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Apple iOS 9.3.3 Update Arrived With Bug Fixes And Improvements


There is a new iOS update available, one that bumps the version number to 9.3.3. However, lest anyone starts getting too excited at the prospect of coming across cool new features, what has to be kept in mind is that the new iOS 9.3.3 is all about bug fixes and ‘under the hood’ improvements.

Overall, it is a minor update over iOS 9.3 that was launched to the public on March 2016. The latest version has been in testing phase since May this year. Since then, five early versions of iOS 9.3.3 were launched to the developers as well as the public beta testing community. The final public release of the iOS version can be considered the culmination of all the feedback thus received though most of it deals with enhancing stability and performance apart from plugging of known security risks.

The update can be downloaded and installed by all iOS 9 users and is available over the air. It can also be downloaded via iTunes as well.

This also seems to be final update being provided to iOS 9 as its iOS 10 that is slated to come next. To be launched around fall this year, iOS 10 is already being considered the biggest release that the mobile platform has seen any time before.

Initial response to iOS 10 has been equally enthusiastic. That again can be attributed to the several cool new features that the forthcoming iOS 10 is set to accompany with. This includes the likes of haptic feedback, touch ID along with many new sound accompanying the keyboard operations. Then of course there is the wider scope of operation for the humble Siri personal assistant that will be able to take up far more complex operations than the online search based tasks it has been performing so far.

Apple meanwhile has also launched several other updates across its product range. That includes updates for OS X 10.11.6 which can be downloaded from the Mac App Store, tvOS update which can be accessed via the System section of the Settings app and watchOS 2.2.2 for Apple Watch.

The focus obviously will be on iOS 10 and the new range of hardware that will be accompanying it. That includes the new iPhone 7 along with new iPad devices all of which are slated for launch around September.

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