Apple Releases iOS 11 Beta 5 Update For Developers
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Apple Releases iOS 11 Beta 5 Update For Developers

Finally, Apple has released the fifth beta update of iOS 11 for developers and well, it again has a lot of improvements, tweaks, bug fixes. iOS 11 is expected to be live for users in September with the release of iPhone 8, however, there is no official announcement made regarding the exact date of the launch.

Coming to the iOS 11 Beta 5, then one thing to notice here that the Apple has removed the Message iCloud feature, which actually was used for storing iMessages in the cloud. However, the official statement says that the feature would return in the future update, which clears the fact that iOS 11 will release without this feature and in future, it will be added. Sadly, we have no clue why Apple has removed the feature from this beta release.

Another major thing here to notice is an indicator at the right-top corner of the music app in the control center. It holds the list of audio sources available to connect. Now, this feature allows the user to connect with any of the listed audio sources on one tap. The camera and setting icons have received minor tweaks, including a change in background color – from gray to black.

Now, the screen recording indicator (notification bar), which was blue in color earlier, has got changed to red, which is obviously more prominent. As of now, iOS 11 Beta 5 is available for developers only, which means it is not released for normal iPhone users, but as we have mentioned above, it is expected to go live in September.



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