Apple Releases iOS 11 Beta 4 For Developers

Apple Releases iOS 11 Beta 4 For Developers

With every iOS update, we expect of getting something really new and well, Apple always stand by our expectations. Just a day ago, Apple released the fourth beta update of the iOS 11, which is also believed as the final update of iOS 11 before launching officially.  Sadly, we have no exact date when the iOS 11 will be launched but we are expecting that within months, may be in September or October, Apple would launch it.

Now, coming to the new features, the iOS 11 Beta 4 has an improved notification panel with an option to view or clear one single notification. On swiping little left, you get two options, view or clear, which are self-explanatory, If you click on view, you are asked to unlock the device to view that notification or open that app. To clear a notification at once, you just need to swipe completely to the left.

Apple’s iOS 11 Beta 4 also gets some new app icons, which includes contacts, reminders & notes app. However, the reminder icon creates little confusion as the bullets on the icon appears at right, which is believed as a bug and hopefully, apple will fix it in the final release. Adding more, the wifi network icon in iOS 11 gets thicker and more uniform lines as compared to iOS 10.

There are a lot of changes in setting panel. Now you get a dedicated section for AirDrop, which you can toggle on or off. In About section, the storage listing shows the total amount of storage instead of showing the available storage minus the size of iOS. In short, a lot of bugs are fixed in this update but there are also a lot of new bugs. We hope that Apple would fix everything before final launch.


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