Apple’s iOS 11 and WatchOS 4 Global Roll-out will Start from September 19th
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Apple’s iOS 11 and WatchOS 4 Global Roll-out will Start from September 19th

With announcement of iPhone X and iPhone 8 series, Apple has also made clear that the rollout of iOS 11 and WatchOS 4 will be carried out from September 19th. The iPhone and iPad users will get to enjoy the new design with the more customizable option, better SIRI integration, and more user-friendly options. Similarly, the WatchOS 4 also gets a new design with several improved features.

Talking about iOS 11, which brings a lot of noticeable changes to the interface including a revamped control center with more options, drag and drop support and several design element updates. Now, in iOS 11, SIRI speaks more naturally and hence, it is more comfortable to have a communication with SIRI. Not only the voice that has been improved but also the intelligence, the SIRI now works more smartly in order to solve user’s query and automate tasks.

For iPad users, the iOS 11 brings true multitasking and much improved Split View app support, which was missing in earlier versions. Additionally, the new Files app allows sharing files between two apps, which is again a handy option. The new dock design for iPad looks exactly like the dock design of MacOS. There is additionally a Do-Not-Disturb Driving mode.

Coming to the WatchOS 4, which also gets a new design with several other features. This new version of WatchOS includes three new watch faces, among them, one is the SIRI Watch Face, that offers some personalized information depending on time and date. The new vertical dock comes with Apple News support so that you can get news headlines right on your wrist. The Music App in WatchOS 4 also gets a new design with more features.


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