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Apple iOS 10 Beta 3 Releasese With Several Major Features


There is a new update available for iOS 10, which in the words of Apple CEO Tim Cook is the “ biggest release ever ”, as was mentioned at the unveiling event on 13th June. There are several features which does make it a big jump over its predecessors, as well as other OS in the market. In the run up to its public release, as in all cases of such a major updated version, there are lots of tweaks applied, the feedback of which comes mostly from the beta users. Apple has till date sent out three beta versions of the iOS 10.

Developers have received beta 3 just today which comes with several cool features such as haptic feedback, the TouchID feature along with some really exciting sound added to the keyboard usage. These are but a few of the many other facilities that are available in the update. It is expected that the public release of iOS 10 would happen during the month of September when they also launch their new devices.


A quick look at the many features being spoken about would be thus:-

The Haptic feedback – is all about a haptic vibration effect that the user experiences when locking the device. On the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus this is what the feature involves while on other devices the power button would emit a new sound effect when pressed.

Access with Touch ID – A button on which user places just a finger is all that is needed for opening the iPhone. The feature is 3D enabled and provides much more information than what was available in the iOS 9 version.

Keyboard Sound – At the Beta two stage, the popping sound when using the keyboard, which was introduced with Beta one had been removed. This feature has once again been reintroduced in the Beta 3 update.

The Siri factor – This all new feature that comes with iOS 10 gives apps running on the device a new feel in that it can serve as a single spot from which users can have access to multiple utility apps on the device. The beta 3 update includes information being displayed on which all apps are compatible with Siri.

App identification on tapping is now easier with the beta 3 updates the name of the app also is displayed.

Improved activity feature in the Health app allows user to send health related information to Apple without the need of disclosing identity. An option at the time of using the Health app provides this setting.

Playback of audio via the internal speakers of the device would not stop due to the haptic feedback feature is the other important bit in the beta 3 update.

Overall, enough to make us years for the polished version of the OS to reach us even though that’s likely to happen only around September.

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