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Apple Released iOS 10.3 Public Beta With Find My AirPods Feature

Apple has released its ‘iOS 10.3 Public Beta’ to their authorized beta testers, which is the third major update to the iOS 10 OS. It has happened in a very short span, soon after releasing the iOS 10.2 (a month before), where iOS 10.3 was provided to the beta developers and now to the testers. So, what’s it about the term beta versions, beta releases and beta software; it refers the products that are in stage of development.

If you want to be one of the Apple’s beta testers, you can sign up to their beta testing website, which will in-further allow you to access both iOS and macOS Sierra betas. The prime concern of this beta testing process, is to hunt down and fix the potential bugs. Moreover, here the features can be improved for improving the usability of the product. The updates may sometime obliterate the iPhones’ file system, so they should be installed on a secondary device, while beta testing. Whereas, for the beta testers, who are already a member of their testing program, will receive the updates soon after installing the proper certificates.

Find My AirPods

The highlighted feature added to the iOS 10.3 Beta is ‘find my AirPods’, a feature for locating the lost AirPods. It is done by tracking the last known location, where the AirPods has been connected to the iOS device via Bluetooth. Also the AirPods apprises the users by playing a sound or a music, which is synced to it.

There are also other small changes and features modifications done to the iOS 10.3 other than this; for the users’ contentment and they are for: ID setting profile, app animation, iCloud storage breakdown, SiriKit, CarPlay, HomeKit, Maps, APFS, iPad keyboard and Analytics.

iCloud Backup

As a provision, Apple proposes their users to make an iCloud backup before installing the beta onto their iOS devices, in order to halt the mislay of data.

In the new Beta version of Apple’s ‘iCloud’, has been altered by providing a visual breakdown that will show, how the storage space of the iDevice is being utilized by photos/videos and iCloud backups. It will also list all the applications that runs on your iDevice in a single tap.

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