Apple Insider Evan Blass: There would only be two iPhone 7 models (Sonora And Dos Palos)
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Apple Insider Evan Blass: There would only be two iPhone 7 models (Sonora And Dos Palos)

The earlier Nowhereelse claim that there would be three iPhone 7 Models that would be available in the market.  However, all leaks and photos suggesting Apple only have two models,   4.7- and 5.5-inch Plus model.  There is a probability that Apple just want two new designs for a larger model.  According to Apple Insider Evan Blass, there would only be two iPhone models that go by the code-name Sonora and Dos Palos.   If you don’t have a clue on what those two stands for, they are derived from the two towns in California.  Maybe, the manufacturer was there when the two are being developed and thus the iPhones got the name.

iPhone 7 Sonora and Dos Palos

Aside from that, nothing is mentioned about the two phones. Blass has credibility in spotting some new leaks and he would never use his name if it isn’t true.  He shares his knowledge to shed some light over the rumors that there would be three phones being released by Apple.   Take note that he isn’t going to get anything from it as he is just doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

Apple is holding out on iterations and having only two phones is sensible since there is a high chance that they might not be able to get the target profit for the year.  This would be a big blow on their part and that would affect the company, big time, as the company has many employees and their employees would always want to be paid.  If they are going to get some money from last year’s profit, there is no guarantee that the company would be able to earn the money back.   It is true that in a business, you need to take the risk, but not calculating the risks involved could spell disaster for the company.

Some old features might not be available

There is a high chance that some of the old features might not make it to the new phone units as it is not probably sensible to put them on since it would just add to the price of the phones.  It won’t be a smart move since there is no guarantee that they would be able to get a profit from their investments.  Businesses are always eyeing to make some profit, sure they are ready to take the risk sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that it would always return a profit.  Apple is a huge company and if they fail, a lot of their employees would suffer and might lose their job.  It would be careless for them to not measure the risks involved here.

For now, nothing is sure about these rumors as it is still unofficial.  We can only speculate, but it doesn’t mean that these rumors are not true.  The iPhone 7 would be unveiled this fall, but till then nothing is sure as everything that you hear or read about the iPhone 7 isn’t official. We would need to hear it from the boss of Apple, Tim Cook this fall whether there would be two or three phones.

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