Apple confirmed 2018 iPhone 8 Will Be Equipped With OLED Screen

Apple iPhone rumors have flooded the market and we believe that Apple may have a major shift with the display quality of the iPhone. This change may not come soon as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 pro will be shipped with the LCD screens like the older models. But Apple is planning to implement an AMOLED display to the next to next model iPhone 8. Other Apple rivals already have adopted this AMOLED displays like we can see in Samsung and other brand’s flagship devices. Samsung has already implemented this technology in their Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. In recent years, tech experts have found that this AMOLED display technology outputs superior display performance when compared to the LCD technology. Despite these facts, the LCD display quality of iPhone models is being praised by tech reviewers. therefore, this new AMOLED technology might offer Apple an upper hand in future.

Moreover, They House had repeatedly reported the news of Apple’s iPhone will be using OLED screen, and now once again confirmed the news of the supply chain, that Apple gives its switch to OLED display screen.

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According to Nikkei Asian Review of reports, Apple has informed its supply chain vendors, all of the iPhone will switch to OLED screens in 2018. And that probably will be the iPhone 8. Sources of Digitimes says that LG, Samsung and JDI are among the companies that are pumping up the OLED display production. And not only upcoming iPhone but in future another manufacturer will also shift to OLED displays to be in the competition.

In addition, the report mentioned that part of the iPhone will be the first use of OLED screens in 2017. Reports have mentioned before, Apple may launch iPhone curved screen in 2017, while the IT house on June 14 reported that Apple’s patent application surrounding the display, this may be the next major iPhone update profile.

Apple confirmed 2018 iPhone 8 Will Be Equipped With OLED Screen

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Other rumors about OLED displays also notes that Apple’s lab in Taiwan may potentially concentrate on adopting micro-LED andOLED display technology for their upcoming iPhone models. Last year, a report also noted that Apple was close to signing a final agreement with LG and Samsung regarding the production of iPhone 8. That report also suggested that both the techno giants are planning to spend about $12.8 billion for the production of Apple’s iPhone 8 in 2018.

Another report suggests that Samsung will invest about $6.82 billion for the expansion of OLED display production which is more than 50%.  And this will make Samsung capable enough to produce 200 million more smartphone devices a year. Current stats says that Samsung makes about 300 million smartphone devices with OLED displays each year.

Where LG to be in competition may invest about $8.68 billion in the coming years for the production of OLED displays in their smartphones and smart TVs, and JDI may spend about $479 million for setting up new OLED production line in the next year.

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