Android O might be launch next week
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Android O might be launch next week

While many of the current smartphones are lacking the Nougat update, Google is set to launch the next Android O supposedly in the next week. The developer preview of Android O was launched on 24th August showed faith in this news, as the developer preview almost seemed bug-free.

And as the Android O comes out in the market, it seems obvious that the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL will be the first devices to run the next version. The new Android O will bring many features in play like Autofill and Project Trebble. On the other side, Google is discarding Blob emoji.

Apart from all the news we still are not sure about what this version will be named after. Yet there are some possibilities like the Oatmeal cookie. And of course there has been no official announcement regarding this and it is very much possible that the version will be named differently and the launch date can also delay.


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