Android O Beta Program Announced For Pixel and Nexus Devices
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Android O Beta Program Announced For Pixel and Nexus Devices

All the Pixel and Nexus users out there have been absolutely stuffed with an exciting announcement from Google. Yes! Your phone is likely to run on Android O Beta Program, the upcoming version of the OS, and sure it’s features looks so sweet.

As you all know, back in the month of March, Google released the first Developer Preview, advising that it is only for developers and not for the regular folks, because it is an unfinished package, preceding even the pre-final one, and hence you can expect more bugs in it.

But, it isn’t the same in the case of Beta Builds, which is offered now. To be clear, Google is offering an opportunity to test the new version of Android, before its launch, just like how it did with the Nougat last year.

The eligible devices, for this Android O beta test includes the Pixel C, Pixel XL, Google Pixel, Asus Nexus Player, Huawei Nexus 6P, and LG Nexus 5X. So, if you are owning one of the devices listed above, you can very well start your beta testing process.

The Android O beta version is only for those who have signed up for the beta testing. So guys, if you are interested, and haven’t registered for it, yet. Then hurry up! Sign-in to your Google account and you may find options to enroll at the concerned page ( Once enrolled, your device will be eligible to receive the update.

Moreover, Google has plans to put up three beta builds in the following months. First one in the line has started today, whereas the second beta test would be rolled-out by the middle of June. And finally the third beta build would probably come out by the month of July, as per the previously inferred schedule.

However, mind the caution that, since it is in beta phase, the OS might have a hand full of bugs. Hence, while installing the new upgrade, just take a back-up of all your important files. If you are still interested on the final version, you will have to until the month of August, by when it is said that Google will release the full version of the Android O, for the Pixel and Nexus devices.



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