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Alleged Glass Panels of Samsung Galaxy S8 shown in leaked photos

Few days back, a rumor was spread that the Samsung Corporation is going to launch the Samsung Galaxy S8. Followed by that rumor, someone have uploaded some images on Twitter which shows a two glass front panel with two different sizes that allegedly fit into the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its next version Galaxy S8 Plus.

The first thing noticed in the rumor photo is that, both corners of the display are curved, which successfully confirms that there will not be an alternative to a flat screen. While, the image of glass panel does not come from a well-known source, this information is gathered from the leaks, reports Android Police David Ruddock.

In the glass panel, there are more openings aside for sensor features that we are clearly able to see in the renders and dimensions. Although these models are not a finalized one, perhaps it will be likely sent to case makers for pre-production designing process. Similarly, as we discussed above, many more openings are in the new Galaxy S8 model when compared to its previous predecessor Galaxy 7, because they are planning to provide sufficient space for more sensors than the existing one.

We can actually expect a Samsung Galaxy S8 without the bezels and a physical home button. The control keys under the display will become virtual, possibly Samsung uses the Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader, which can hide in the bottom of the glass. As we already well-known about that Xiaomi which used this technology in its Mi Mix.

Moreover, Samsung is going to implement touch-rejection features in its new Galaxy S8 to avoid unwanted touches. Since, there is hardly a room to rest our fingers beside with the bezels and the display itself will stay a super AMOLED, but allegedly supported from PenTile to a full RGB matrix.

On the Whole, the person who posted the images on the Twitter is responsible for all upcoming issues. Yet, he says that the resource of the photos is a screen protector supplier in China. He further holds that his source has not been wrong earlier, but until now it is not confirmed that the source is 100% legitimate.

Time only tells that this leak is accurate or not, but luckily we don’t have to wait for a long time, because, Samsung is going to reveal its Galaxy S8 in the month of April.

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