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Alcatel unveiled A3 XL 6-inch phablet at CES 2017

Over the past years, Alcatel had different owners, but this doesn’t that the brand that was once among the most important on the market is showing any signs of quitting. On the contrary, they’re still present and just introduced a new smartphone, at CES 2017!

The A3 XL is a huge device, made entirely of plastic, so we’re expecting an entry-level price for it. However, it does have a few interesting features, like a fingerprint scanner mounted on the back, under the camera setup, and it also comes with Google’s latest operating system, Android 7.0 Nougat, out of the box.

But this is pretty much where the good stuff ends, since the Alcatel A3 XL, despite its big display, has just an HD resolution. That’s right, 6 inches and just 720p. Don’t expect the sharpest images from this model.

Moving on, the smartphone is powered by a MediaTek MT8735B chip, with a quad-core configuration, and just 1 GB of RAM, while the internal storage capacity counts 8 GB. Once again, the specs reveal that we’re dealing about an entry-level handset, but we really hope that it has at least a microSD card slot, for expanding the storage, since from those 8 GB, users will barely have 5-6 at their disposal.

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As for the camera, the Alcatel A3 XL comes with an 8 MP rear-mounted unit, able to shoot 720p videos @30fps, while on the front it has a 5 MP selfie snapper. Finally, the battery has a capacity of 3000 mAh and it should be able to last for a full day, considering the screen resolution.

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