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Alcatel Idol 4 With VR Headset Available At Cricket Wireless On 5th August

First announced during the year’s Mobile Word Congress event in February, Alcatel Idol 4 is finally making it to the US with Cricket being the exclusive carrier partner for the device. The official launch date of the mobile has been set to 5th August.

The device has been priced $200, which makes for a decent offering considering there is a VR headset also included in the deal. The headset, made of hard plastic will allow users to open up a new dimension with the handset and view videos or play games from a new perspective.

Also, with Cricket being a pre-paid operator, there are no long term contracts to be bogged down with.

The handset itself has an appeal of its own given its impressive specifications. Those include a 5.2-inch IPS LCD full HD display dominating the front. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 617 chip coupled to a 3 GB RAM. It will have 16 GB of on-board storage but will be complemented by a microSD card slot that can add another huge 256 GB.

Alcatel Idol 4

Providing the juice will be a 2610mAh battery and will be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow right out of the gates. There is a 13 MP rear camera as well while an 8 MP front snapper should suffice for selfie shots or online video chats.

Alcatel has also ensured the Idol 4 appeal to the music lovers given that it comes with a twin front facing speakers capable of outputting 3.6 watts of sound. Alcatel stated they have worked with sound specialists JBL and Waves in designing the speakers. The company also stated the Idol 4 is perfectly reversible, which means users will always have the best quality sound irrespective of the handset being held on the left or right or upside down.

Another nice aspect of the Idol 4 handset is its Boom key which lets the user to set predefined actions such as listening to music or shooting images which can be invoked with the press of the button.

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