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A new LG G6 leaked image reveals incredibly thin small bezels!

It seems like Xiaomi somehow managed to predict the future with last year’s Mi Mix smartphone, as a lot of manufacturers are apparently opting for very slim bezels when designing their top notch models. The LG G6, for example, will be one of them!

If until now the trail regarding the South Korean manufacturer’s upcoming flagship was pretty cold, a new image made the rounds online today and shows a handset with a “screen-to-ratio bezel greater than 90 percent”.

This specific piece of information about the LG G6 was leaked alongside an image of the device (just the top half, that is), confirming this and giving us an idea about what to expect, in terms of design.

The G6 is expected to come with a 5.7″ display, but with an unusual 2:1 aspect ratio, which makes it very interesting, from our point of view. Also, even if the bottom bezel is not shown in the image, it’s rumored to be just a bit taller than the top bezel, which is definitely a big plus, considering how manufacturers design their phones.

Next, we can also see that the phone has curved display corners, while the device itself is made of glass and metal. And yes, the headphone jack is present, even though LG was rumored to ditch is, just like other companies, like Apple, HTC or Motorola did it.

Some sources claim that the LG G6 will be water-resistant, a premiere for the manufacturer and another big plus, of course. As for the battery, this time won’t be replaceable, like on the G5, Speaking about the G5, the modularity will also be gone, but the back of the phone will borrow a few features, design-wise. We’re talking about the dual camera setup, fitted alongside the fingerprint scanner.

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