8 Major Announcements Made During Google For India Event

Search engine giant Google has some big plans for India and, this week, when the company celebrated its 18th birthday, a special event, ‘Google for India’, was organised in the country’s capital, making a couple of very interesting announcements!


  1. Google Station


Google Station


India is well known for dealing with poor Internet connections, but is about to change soon, as Google Station, a new internet access platform, should provide fast Wi-Fi for everyone, way better than the current options people have.



2. Google Assistant in Hindi

Google Assistant in Hindi

One of Google’s latest releases is Assistant, the company’s voice-controlled AI tool which is expected to take over rivals like Siri, Cortana or Amazon’s Alexa. Soon enough, it will be able to speak in Hindi as well, not just English.


3. Allo is now available in India



With Allo, its new messaging app, Google wanted to surpass Whatsapp. Therefore, one of the first countries in which it was made available was India, a country where Whatsapp is very popular, due to the low amount of data it’s using.


4. Google Chrome ‘Data Saver’


Google Chrome ‘Data Saver’

Google’s browser will soon be updated with three important features, developed considering Indian users’ needs: Data saving, offline capability and content discovery. To be more specific, web pages will be optimised in order to consume less data, while online functionality allows users to save their favourite stuff around the web for later access, without connecting to the Internet. Finally, content discovery is a really cool feature, allowing users to access news, weather and all the articles they’re interested in.


5. YouTube Go



Basically a lite version of the Google’s app for videos, YouTube Go is perfect for India, considering the limited internet access. Users can enjoy their favourite clips without worrying about their connections, as the app is designed to lessen data usage costs and consume as little as possible.


6. Google Accelerator


Google Accelerator

Keeping it short, this device stores tons of videos and can stream them to other devices, being ideal for schools, restaurants, stations and airports. Considering that it was very well received in the Philippines, it should be a success in India as well!


7. Google Play Store will work on slower connections

Google play

Since a lot of locations in India don’t have access to high-speed Internet, so it’s very hard to download apps. However, this will change, as soon enough Google Play Store will allow downloading apps even while using 2G connections.


8. Google Duo is in the top!


Google Duo

Launched a few weeks ago, Google Duo, the company’s video calling app, designed to compete with Face-time and Skype, already managed to reach the maximum number of users in India, right after the United States. Some of its most interesting features are Knock-Knock, which notifies you when someone is trying to call you, as well as the video preview you get, of the person trying to call you.


There’s no doubt that, during the Google for India event, the search engine giant proved once again that the country is one of the most important markets for them and, in the near future, we should expect to see even bigger things!

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