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10 Best Paid Android & iOS Apps 2016

1. Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime
A few years ago, smartphone users used to download different launchers so that they can replace the default look of the stock rom manufacturers offer. But today launchers are more than just skinning your device. There are many different launcher available now on the playstore but Nova Prime offers one of the best features with less system memory consumption. And this makes it really fast and reliable.

Nova Prime offers many UI customization options as well as gestures for quickly accessing your favorite applications. There are two versions of this app. One is free and another is paid with expanded features and advanced customization options. The free version is also good, it also offers gesture controls in the free version. Nova is not just a launcher they also offer their own icon pack to totally transform the look and feel of your device. There are tons of themes available for your liking. It also offers the option to hide the application that you don’t frequently use. It is a total pack of awesome features, look and decent performance. And if you are looking for a launcher you should definitely give it a try.

2. Solid Explorer Pro

Solid Explorer Pro

To efficiently use an android device every user needs a file manager. The default file explorer in your phone surely gives basic finicality but for advance features you will need a third party explorer and Solid explorer pro is a fantastic choice to make. This is one of my personal favorite. Solid is not just a feature rich explorer but it is one of the best designed application with plenty of features and simple yet very easy going interface.

Solid Explorer pro also provide support for various cloud services, FTP, USB OTG, and many more features. Nova launcher also offers a free version of this application and if you like it you can buy the paid unlocker of the same.

3. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts
Most of the developer chose iOS first for their product development, but the Shifty Jelly developers are focused first on android platform. The Pocket cast is a podcast app and it is one of the most premium application for podcast you will find on both Android and iOS platform. They frequently update this app with new features and performance upgrades.

Pocket Cast has amazing and very useful set of features with very nice looks. This app works best as a cross platform app and this is a big plus. It also updates soon and it also has a custom URL for sharing the podcasts among your friends.

4. Weather Timeline

Weather Timeline
Weather Timeline is one of the best looking apps on the play store. When thinking of a weather application that gives accurate predictions about weather, Weather Timeline comes first in my mind. There are actually many weather apps in comparison but this one beats them all.

Displaying weather forecast in a timeline pattern is something new in this category of app and I must say it looks pretty cool also. This app has a nicely themed interface. It offers many widget and you can sync weather data from verity of sources. Theming is also good and there are many good looking themes available. And you can also theme icons through different sets of icon pack they offer.

5. Fenix


There are a good number of twitter apps available on the market right now. Even though there are many apps, twitter has given limited access to what a twitter app can do actually. There were multiple apps available on the market and I saw them getting abandoned for many reasons. Twitter has their reasons for doing so and there is not much we can do about it.

The best option in this scenario for users is to find a batter app that can still provide useful and desirable features. Fenix is the name that currently offers features that you currently need. This app is fast and efficient. I think it is the best twitter client available for both the Android and iOS platform. It also offers multiple account feature which is a big plus because not many app offers this thing. You also can access all the twitter functionality very easily through this twitter client. The default theme of this app is quite simple but it also offers a dark theme which really looks kick ass along with other highlight colors and customization options. And absence of lag and advertisement makes it the best client for twitter available right now.

6. Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn

The name of this application is may misguide you because this is not just a widget but it is a fully functional application with many features. Frankly speaking there are thousands of battery applications available and most of them are either useless or has very limited set of features and finicality.

Most of the applications gives you battery percentage in status bar and all but there are very few applications which gives you detailed information of battery usage and graphs. Battery Widget Reborn does a very good job in collecting battery stats and showing them through a detailed graph structure. This app is batter then most of the available applications in my opinion. This is a paid app though there is a trial version available so don’t forget to try it out.

7. Evolve Wallpapers

Evolve Wallpapers

There is no batter match of wallpapers than this application provides you. You can browse wallpapers category vise if you need some specific sort of pictures. And I must say they have a heavy collection of highly detailed and creative wallpapers. This app even supports muzei which are live wallpapers of classical art and I think all wallpaper applications should do it. It is just simply fantastic.

8. Shuttle+


Guess what every smartphone user surely needs? A fantastic music application right. I was a big fan of Poweramp and actually I never really have used another music application. But Shuttle+ changed my thoughts.

It has a very good materialistic design with powerful features. And it surely delivers quality music as you expect. This app allows you to browse and play music on any folders, and you can also edit music tags. Cromcasting my music is my personal favorite feature. Yes, you can cromcast music with this player. And I think this really adds value to this smart music player.

9. iA Writer

iA Writer

iA Writer is the most well-known and feature rich text editor on the iOS platform. And finally they decided to jump into Android platform this year. If you are a writer like me and love editing texts on the go you should definitely try this editor.

iA Writer is indeed a feature rich text editor. I really like the quick action bar in this app, it is really handy. Though this apps lacks a bit of theming. It doesn’t look bad but it just looks too simple hopefully they will update the interface a bit to make it look a little batter because that is the only thing this editor needs.

10. Light Flow

LED notification feature of the smartphone makes it look really smart I think. But most of the devices has very limited customization options in this thing. To efficiently use LED notification feature you must try Light Flow.

Light Flow has many useful features like you can customize color of notification light for individual application. And that is not all you can also tweak the frequency of the LED notification and even disable the notification lights for some apps of your choice. It also offers a very user friendly interface so you can change all the settings very easily.

Some apps free in app Store and paid in play store , some free in play store and paid in app store

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